Help and Support

Pre-Sales Frequently Asked Questions

Are your programs user-friendly?
  • Well, we think so :)
  • We have more than 20 years experience creating and supporting pattern drafting software.
  • Our PatternMaster and Wild Things are designed to be easy, fast, and fun!
  • If you can point, click, and print, you can use PatternMaster and Wild Things.
Do I need an active internet connection?
  • An active internet connection IS required for downloading or updating your software.
  • An active internet connections is NOT required for using your software.
What operating system do I need?
  • All of our programs are Windows native.
  • All of our current software runs on Windows 7 and higher.
  • Our programs can be run on the Mac operating system under certain conditions.
  • To see details on what is required to run our software, view the System Requirements page below.
  • To see operating system requirements for our older programs, view the Compatibility List below.
Do your programs run on a Mac?
  • All of our programs are Windows native.
  • All of our current software runs on Windows 7 and higher.
  • Our programs can be run on the Mac operating system under certain conditions.
  • To see details on what is required to run our software, view the System Requirements page below.
  • To see operating system requirements for our older programs, view the Compatibility List below.
Do you provide free help and support?
  • Yep, you betcha.
  • We provide totally free technical support for using all of our programs and for assisting you with measurements and fit.
  • Telephone support is available during our office hours. Email support is available most evenings and weekends. Support from our customers in our forums is available 24/7.
What is the difference between ePatterns and PatternMaster?

  • ePatterns is single custom-sized sewing patterns for sewing enthusiasts.
  • ePatterns does not include a CAD Pattern Editor.
  • PatternMaster is a sewing program for custom sized sewing patterns for sewing enthusiasts and custom dressmakers for drafting entire wardrobes.
  • PatternMaster does include a CAD Pattern Editor.
What is CAD?

CAD stands for computer-aided design. It typically refers to programs such as AutoCAD that create "vector" or mathematically calculated lines and curves.

Our Cameo Pattern Design module and PatternMaster Pattern Editor are CAD programs.

How accurate are the patterns?

All of our custom-sized patterns draft to the exact measurements and settings that you enter.

In Cameo, you can create extremely accurate patterns with the extensive CAD drawing, editing, and measuring tools.

Can I open patterns from your software in other software programs?

Patterns created in PatternMaster, Click and Sew, CodeWear Plus, ePatterns, and Wild Things can only be opened in Wild Ginger programs.

Our Cameo software does export to a standard AutoCAD DXF formatted file that may open in other programs. Click on the link below for additional information on Cameo export options.

Can I create fashion illustrations and specification drawings?

You can definitely create technical specification drawings (also called flats) with both Cameo and PatternMaster.

Our programs are not art programs and so are not suited to creating fashion illustrations. We recommend programs such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw for fashion illustration.

Do you have a 3-D or virtual model?

We do not currently offer a 3-D or virtual model.

Can I scan in pictures and make patterns?

Photographs of actual patterns can be scanned and imported them into Wild Ginger programs and edited.

Photographs of garments cannot be scanned and turned into patterns.

Can I use a digitizing or graphics tablet?

We can no longer provide direct support for digitizing tablets. You may be able import patterns digitized in other software programs if the program can export to a DXF formatted file. Patterns saved in the DXF format can be imported into our Cameo program and edited.

Graphics tablets and pen stylus can be used as input devices but we do not recommend them. A two-button mouse is easier to use in our software programs.

Can I do draping?

All of our software programs are 2-D vector-based CAD programs. We cannot offer draping technology at this time. You can create patterns by draping on a dress form and then digitizing or scanning them to create a file that can be imported into Cameo and edited.

How are the patterns printed?
  • Patterns created in any of our programs can be printed on any home printer with a Windows device driver.
  • There are absolutely no special printing requirements.
  • All patterns print to the selected paper size with registration marks and row/column numbers for easy assembly into a full size pattern.
Are your programs compatible with plotters?

Yes, if your plotter has Windows device driver and works with your version of Windows.

Can I send my patterns to a printing service?

Yes, you would need to save your patterns to a PDF file that can be opened by the printing service.

Can I use tractor feed paper?

Yes, if your printer or plotter has a Windows driver and supports tractor feed paper.

Can I sell patterns created in your ePatterns software?
  • All ePatterns are licensed to a single individual.
  • >You CANNOT under any circumstances sell patterns created in the ePatterns system in any form or format including printed and digital forms.
  • Please see the ePatterns End User License Agreement for additional details.
Can I sell garments sewn from patterns from ePatterns programs?
  • You may sell garments sewn from patterns created in the ePatterns system so long as you purchase a separate pattern for each garment you are selling.
  • You CANNOT under any circumstances SELL patterns created with any part of ePatterns in any form or format including, but not limited to, printed and digital forms.
  • Please see the End User License Agreement for additional details.
Can I sew garments from ePatterns for immediate family members?
  • Yes, you may sew garments for immediate family members without purchasing an additional pattern license.
  • Please see the End User License Agreement for details
Can I save ePatterns and edit them in a CAD program?
  • Yes, ePatterns saves patterns to our proprietary .LAS format that can be opened in the Pattern Editor that ships with all PatternMaster programs.
  • If you do not own our PatternMaster software program, you can purchase a stand-alone Pattern Editor for use with ePatterns in our webstore.
  • Click here to see more information on editing patterns.
Are there fabric yardage requirements?
  • Our patterns are completely custom sizable. Since garment length and ease will vary greatly, we cannot provide estimated yardage requirements.
  • Our software programs ship with a yardage calculator that can easily determine the amount of fabric for any style.
What is the best way to achieve great fit?
  • The BEST way to achieve great fit is to take your body measurements as accurately as possible and sew the recommended fitting garment.
  • DON'T agonize over the measurements.
  • Make the recommended fit garments using the best set of measurements you can take and the program's default settings.
  • After making your fit garment, contact our free technical support center and we will be happy to assist you in refining the fit. We are really really good at it!
Can I take my own measurements?
  • While we recommend that you have a buddy take your measurements, it is possible to take them yourself.
  • Our programs use body measurements that are mostly easy to take by yourself.
  • Our programs also ship with illustrated instructions, movies, and free technical support to assist you in the measuring process.
Can I use measurements taken for other Wild Ginger software programs?

Yes, the ePatterns system uses the same measurements as our PatternMaster programs.

Can I rely on fit garments made from Wild Ginger software programs?
  • Yes, the ePatterns system is based on the same great technology we use to draft patterns in PatternMaster.
  • If you have sewn fit garments for our other software programs, you will not likely need to make new fit garments for ePatterns.
Do you have step by step sewing instructions?
  • Yes, patterns created in PatternMaster, ePatterns, CodeWear Plus and Wild Things come with full color illustrated sewing instructions.
Do you take requests for new styles?
  • Yes, we do. We love to hear from our customers and want to know what you want to sew.
  • A forum is available in our Community Forums for posting wishes and dreams for new styles.
How are my patterns delivered?
  • All ePatterns are delivered via download from our secure webstore.
  • You must have an active internet connection to download and install your ePatterns.
  • ePatterns are not available on CD.
Is ePatterns available on CD?
  • No, ePatterns is delivered via download from the internet only.
  • The catalog viewer can be downloaded from our website to a new computer when needed.
  • The program's database can be backed up on CD or other back up media for future installations or to restore after a computer crash.
What happens if my computer crashes or I get a new computer?
  • We highly recommend that you back up your program's database on a regular basis. The database contains your saved measurement charts and default settings. The database can then be copied to a new computer or restored to the same computer after a crash.
  • To move to a new computer, simply deactivate ePatterns on your old computer, install the catalog viewer, and copy your backed up database to the new computer.
  • If your computer crashes, reinstall the catalog viewer and restore your backed up database.
Do you offer educational discounts on ePatterns?

We do not offer educational discounts on ePatterns.

Do you offer bundle or volume discounts?

We do not offer volume discounts on ePatterns